We have a simple process to get you from where you are to where you want to go. Through an online membership, virtual community, and in person events, we are here to help you in your journey through the Cycles of Life.


After years of holding space for the growth journey, we’ve witnessed a consistent pattern in most people’s awakening process. Throughout all of the unique stories, we as humans seem to hit a few of the same key growth-points throughout our transformation.

These similarities make sense, when looking at ourselves through one of the key rules of the universe, “As within, so without. As above, so below.” Or, as we like to say: “The Macro mirrors the Micro, and vice versa.”

This means that the patterns that we observe in the collective are often mirrored right here in our own individual lives.


Just as the Caterpillar becomes the Chrysalis, dissolving all of its cells into imaginal cells and shedding its skin before emerging into a butterfly, we too go through stages of Metamorphosis.

Our methodology, founded in Jungian Psychology, Ancient Philosophy and Contemporary Spirituality, walks you through The 7 Stages of Metamorphosis common to all humans on the growth journey.


This methodology lays the foundation for all of our programs, retreats and events. And is designed to give you the tools and perspective shift to reclaim your inner power and ultimately create the life of your dreams.

The Macro mirrors the Micro

Transformation happens on the macro scale, and also in moments constantly repeating throughout our daily lives.

The same principles that apply to the largest things also apply to the smallest. Which means, we go through Cycles of Transformation while we are in all Stages of Metamorphosis.

Generally, we find ourselves moving through the cycle each time we reach a place of trigger or challenge, especially just before we burst through to the next Stage of Metamorphosis.

Both the Cycle of Transformation and Stages of Metamorphosis mirror one another with a moment of breakdown leading to a breakthrough.

We can visit this cycle many times in our lives and even many times in our day. It’s a moment of recognition that we are about to grow through something. And it requires attention. We get to give ourselves this attention, knowing that this is what leads to our evolution.

The Cycles of Transformation

As above So Below
As Within So without


Vulnerability paves the way to connection.

We recognize the power of vulnerability as one of the most powerful tools for self-transformation. As we see our own journey of growth reflected in another, we gain the clarity and wisdom of far more than our own life’s experiences.

That’s why our methodology is built within the framework of a membership. Because, as powerful as we know ourselves to be, we are more powerful when we are being seen, held and witnessed by a group of humans similarly dedicated to their growth.

When you’re ready to take the leap, we have an entire team of experts, leaders and fellow seekers to support you in the journey of transformation.