An online space to be seen, feel heard, and transform your life in a supportive commUNITY.

Why You Belong


Let’s be honest, the process of awakening can be challenging.

You may feel crazy, unsure of who your true friends are and what your path is. The world is shifting so rapidly, it can be hard to figure out what to focus on or how to process it all. You find yourself feeling isolated or lonely, unsure of how to express yourself. You may even find yourself feeling triggered by your family or coworkers, unsure of how to handle the anger or sadness bubbling to the surface. You want to feel fulfilled but you look around and see the same people doing the same work they dislike but deep down you know there is something more. You are looking for a community who understands you and people who believe in this same possibility.

The Chrysalis Community is a space to be seen, feel heard, and transform in a supportive commUNITY.


Imagine if you had more structure and support in your spiritual growth journey, access to all the tools and knowledge you needed, and all you had to do was simply show up? 

Imagine if everything you needed was in one place, and you had a safe space to be seen, heard and supported along your journey? 

Imagine if “doing the work” felt like an act of self care, and every month you looked back at your journey, and barely recognized yourself in your personal evolution? And imagine getting all of that for the price of a meal?


The Chrysalis is not just a community.  It’s a pathway to embodied liberation.

A Community To Hold You Through Your Growth Process

Join the tribe of humans dedicated to their growth, and take the leap into the unknown.


Join a private virtual community that provides a safe space to connect with other seekers from around the world

Workshops from the best coaches in the industry from our immersion organized on topics from conscious relationships, manifestation, communication, gene keys, abundance hacks, shadow work, and emotional mastery.

Monthly Masterclasses from our Master Chrysalis Teachers to go deeper into your journey (topics include: reparenting, boundaries, consciousness, inner child, ego and more)

Attend our live connection circle each month with our Chrysalis team and community. Building meaningful relationships is an art. Through sovereign self awareness and vulnerable open communication we find ourselves becoming artists.  Vulnerability paves the pathway to connection and as we practice leaning fully into the power of vulnerability, we start to open to connection. Experience more depth, compassion, and love for self and others in our Chrysalis Connection Circles.

Embody the knowledge from our festivals into real scenarios. Explore the realms of your heart in our Sacred Women’s Circle and explore the depths of your creation center in our Sacred Men’s Circle. Open to vulnerability among men or women and find a deeper sense of being.

Guest yoga, mindfulness, meditation, dance, breathwork workshops from our favorite Chrysalis embodiment facilitators.

New Moon Energy Reading each month from our in house astrologer Kassy Nova. Create intentions and align to what living a prosperous life means for you in relating to the cyclical nature of our planet.

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