An 8 day unforgettable journey into king and queen leadership

Rite of Passage Retreat

January 2-9, 2023 | Tulum, MX

About chrysalis's
luminescence experience

Connect, grow, and learn what it means to show up in the most powerful state of BEINGness possible, connected to your most natural essence, unapologetically expressive, surrounded by a group of visionaries and heart centered humans with a mission for impacting this world in service.

Hi, we are chrysalis,
visionaries of luminescence.

For years, we have been dreaming up the most profound experience in transformation that we could possibly imagine. After years of hosting women’s only retreats, women’s and men’s retreats, festivals, connection and tantra events, themed embodiment experiences, and so much more, we landed on the single most impactful form of experiential transformation.

Our intention is to recalibrate your cells to a new level of relating to yourself, to others, and to the world at large. We’ve each poured our heart and soul into the spine of this experience, creating the deepest trust between one another so that you could learn what your greatest level of self trust looks and feels like.


Our immersive program is designed to awaken your creation potential, ignite transformation and amplify power.

Immersive Sessions


Mindfulness / Embodiment


Plant Medicine

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Rites of Passage Rituals



A Call to all
Men and women

A Call To All Women

You were meant for…

A Call To All Men

You were meant for…


Join a community of deeply conscious, heart centered humans with the intention of loving as intentionally as possible.

Building meaningful relationships is an art. Through sovereign self-awareness and vulnerable open communication we find ourselves becoming artists of connection. 

The safer we feel in our bodies, the more we can liberate ourselves into our fullest expression and having a solid community is essential to the process. 

We have designed a safe space for transformation mixed with some edges. Transformation begins right at the edge of your comfort zone and this experience will bring you to the edge of possibility. 

Our tribe will lovingly hold you through your Chrysalis Moments & celebrate you through your breakthroughs as you move through this nine-day experience.

*Every single person who attends Luminescence has worked with Chrysalis in some capacity and when you join Luminescence, you aren’t just attending a retreat. You are joining a family, connected by a similar mission and purpose in this world. This is your invitation to immerse yourself in the community you have always desired.


I Am You, Being Me - ASHTEHE

Join us at Luminescence